Brebeuf Social Justice Symposium

"Whatsoever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

Matthew 25: 40


BSJS Founded by Wojciech Gryc, Brebeuf Class of 2004

2018: TBA (XV)

2017: Discrimination Against Women (XIV)

2016: Human Trafficking (XIII)

2015: Tarsands and Indigenous Canadians (XII)

2014: The Right to Water (XI)

2013: Youth and Gangs (X)

2012: "There's No Place Like Home: Homelessness" (IX)

2011: "Keen to Be Green! Ecological Justice" (VIII)

2010: "Welcoming the Stranger: Refugees in Canada" (VII) 

2009: "Awareness of Unfairness: Helping the Homeless"  (VI)

 2008: "Awareness of Unfairness: Connecting with the Developing World" (V)

2007: "Our Home and Native Land: Native Rights in Canada"
2006: "Be Not Afraid: Faith in the Age of Terror" (III)

2005: "Right to Life" (II)
2004: "Social Justice" (I)